Senior Stress Out

SneiorStressOutGLBy Luke Green-Lauber

Seniors at Whetstone High School have been very busy lately. They have had to keep up with school studies and college application deadlines and some students even have to juggle with a job or an extracurricular activity as well.
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Hype Video Is Doing Its Job

By Luke Green-Lauber

On Wednesday, October 28th, your own Braves Messenger will be releasing a school sports hype video for the big Olentangy River Rivalry football game Friday, October 30 against Centennial. The video will show the history of the rivalry and all of the other sports and their rivalry with Centennial. “Luke and I came up with this genius idea to try to create a hype video that will bring in more fans to the game and show more history and respect to the river rivalry,”  junior football player and Braves Messenger student Jack Staggs said.

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The Mentor-A-Buckeye Program Selects Whetstone


By: Rayshon Walker

The Mentor-A-Buckeye program is a program that was formed by the Social Change department at Ohio State University. This program began at Whetstone High School last year. Mentor-A-Buckeye was established to inspire students to remain focused and reach their full potential in all aspects of their life.
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American Sign Language… Talking Without Saying a Word

By: Rayshon Walker

American Sign Language is a foreign language class offered here at Whetstone High School. It is also available to be taken as a college class. This is so that Whetstone students can earn college credit while still in high school.
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