Persevere Through the Testing

By: Rayshon Walker

Students at Whetstone have been pushing through all the uncomfortable and difficult AIR testing schedules this past week. Each of the 9th and 10th grade English classes had to take the test in the computer labs, which required careful scheduling by the counselors. Continue reading “Persevere Through the Testing”

Tardiness: Insubordination?

By Maia Johnson

Whetstone’s tardy policy has been a controversial topic ever since the implementation of issued Wednesday schools as punishment for being tardy five times in a single semester. This happened at the beginning of the second semester, and there are pros and cons to its establishment.

Continue reading “Tardiness: Insubordination?”

Day in the Life of a Buckeye: Providing Motivation for Education

FullSizeRender (1)By Rayshon Walker

Several Whetstone students got the opportunity to be involved in The Day in the Life of a Buckeye at Ohio State University on Wednesday, March 23. This event paired a Whetstone student with an Ohio State student for the day. This opportunity allowed the Whetstone students to deeply interact and ask questions while having a chance to experience the college life. Continue reading “Day in the Life of a Buckeye: Providing Motivation for Education”

Whetstone Mentor-A-Buckeye Students Spend Quality Time with Superintendent Dan Good

Rayshon Walker Mentor a BuckeyeBy Rayshon Walker

Some Mentor-A-Buckeye students from Whetstone had the opportunity to share some time and talk to Columbus City schools Superintendent, Dr. Dan Good. This was a great experience and allowed us students to interact with the Superintendent while we learn more about his plans for our district and we got a chance to learn more about Dr. Good as a person. Continue reading “Whetstone Mentor-A-Buckeye Students Spend Quality Time with Superintendent Dan Good”

Seniors Reflect on Maturing Over High School Years

By Julia Galdamez

During a child’s adolescent years they go through major changes in their life. They go through the transition of middle school to high school, a change in their bodies, surroundings, teachers, and in their peers. They change mentalities in just one summer, between middle school and high school. How about the change throughout high school, from fall of one year to the spring 4 years later? Continue reading “Seniors Reflect on Maturing Over High School Years”

Disease Spreading Through Whetstone

By Aidan Tuttle

A horrible sickness has spread all over the class of 2016, causing students to miss ridiculous amounts of school. From what I have heard the only cure for this disease is graduating high school. I’m talking, of course, about senioritis. Continue reading “Disease Spreading Through Whetstone”