Now Playing: Whetstone High School’s Fall Play will Have you Falling in Love all Over Again, and Again

The heart wants what the heart wants. And right about now who doesn’t want to see some incredible theater at a local high school?

Whetstone High School’s Production of Almost, Maine opened at 7 PM on Friday November 15 (after a quick preview performance for the student body at the end of the school day). Chris Ray has managed to inspire another brilliant performance from some extremely talented Whetstone actors.

The play will be presented Saturday November 16 at 7 PM and a final matinee performance takes place at 2 PM Sunday the 17.

Scenes from the school preview of the play, November 15, 2019.

How Students Are Preparing For Their Finals

By Damarius K. Warfield

Finals are just days away.Many people are worried about this and everyone is very nervous about this.

Earlier this week i talked to a few students.Reginald Michael quotes “ I plan on studying every day right after school”.

Another student named Ishmael Obas quotes “I plan on trying to get as much help as possible from teachers and any tips i could use for the finals.

Finals are starting next week and most students have 80 minutes to complete them.Most teachers are doing multiple choice questions.

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Lobby Day at Whetstone

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By Myra Wood

On Wednesday May 22 the sophomore humanities students at whetstone participated in Lobby Day. On this day members of the class presented their service learning projects and “lobbied” members of our community, school board, and local government for a better world.

The projects are on wide variety of issues that require solutions and advocacy. Students chose projects ranging from “Saving the Sea Turtles,” to ending standardized testing.

No matter the issue students advocated for their changes by doing things like making social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where they spread their messages and information, calling local representatives, and making efforts to spread awareness of their cause and solutions.

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Lift Crew is Looking for New Members

By Kierra Jones

Hey Whetstone Braves, are you interested in the lift crew? The lift crew is to make a positive change in the school and help out our freshman. Our school is accepting experienced juniors and seniors of 2019-20 to join the crew.

You are trained to work with incoming freshman as well as other new students entering our school next year. You will also be able to learn valuable leadership skills. You will be responsible for working with a small group of students during orientation, befriending the students and helping them overcome any challenges during their first few weeks, and meeting with a group periodically throughout the year to touch base and discuss problems and plan social activities.

The most important dates you will need to know are:

*Introduction to Lift is Thursday May 31 @11am

*Crew meeting August 15th and 16th

* You will be running the freshman orientation before school starts August 22nd

Joing the lift crew can help incoming students get out of their shell and feel welcomed into the school.

I highly recommend you to be apart of the lift crew because it shows that you can prove you have a high rate of leadership and pride in our school.

“ I came into the school not knowing anybody because all of my friends went to different schools but with the help of the lift crew, I were able to come out of my shell and bond with students from all over the city”- Michael

Application deadline is Tuesday May 28th.

For more information you can speak to Mr. Pfeifer or email him :


It’s The Season for Theatre

By Yahfa Guerra and Kelisha Green

This 2017 fall whetstone high school is putting on the play Check Please and Hard Candy by Jonathan Rand.

Check Please is a musical play about a series of disastrous dates that goes bad to worse.It explains how hard dating is, whether it be a kleptomaniac ,a mime ,or a partner to her grandmother’s bridge games.

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