Obama’s Gun Control Proposal

By Arielle Swinehart

“Every single year, more than 30,000 Americans have their lives cut short by guns,” Obama said at a recent press conference.  President Obama and the White House have introduced a proposal to decrease gun violence. A few factors of this proposal are to expand background checks for gun buyers and force individuals selling firearms to register as licensed gun dealers. Continue reading “Obama’s Gun Control Proposal”

Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter?


By Amelia May

Donald Trump running as president, John Boehner’s resignation as House Speaker, frantic mothers throwing their children from 7 story windows, the continuation of the Black Lives Matter movement; what do all of these subjects have in common? They’re the most heated and controversial debates of the United States, and have caused outrageous conflicts across the nation Continue reading “Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter?”

Lengthy Lunch Lines

by Julia Galdamez

Everyone has been through the lunch line time and again, and everyone knows how long it takes to get through- especially when people cut ahead and ditch people who have been waiting.

Many people have been in line and have had to stick around after the lunch period is over to eat their lunch. Others think it is easier to sit at the lunch table and wait until the line goes down before getting in line. While that may be an efficient solution, administrators and teachers do not like this and want you to get in line as soon as you get to the cafeteria.
Continue reading “Lengthy Lunch Lines”