Join the cause! Oxfam

By: Yirmeyah Yehuda


Poverty, it is the world’s most common flaw. A Tragic State of living, in which such terms of “living” aren’t existent in a long term occasion. According to which stated similar, “the causes and effects of poverty ar Continue reading “Join the cause! Oxfam”

The Fight For Equality Continues

By Arielle Swinehart

Friday May 13, the Obama Administration sent out guidance to public schools regarding transgender students. One thing the guidance insures is that transgender students are able to use the bathroom that matches their identity. Continue reading “The Fight For Equality Continues”

Brave High School Students Coming Out as Trans

By Eboni Bays-Holley

Lately more attention is being given to the identity and struggles of transgender individuals.  While this attention is happening at a national scale, teens and families are locally impacted as well. Continue reading “Brave High School Students Coming Out as Trans”

Whetstone Efforts for Black History Month Fall Short


By Arielle Swinehart

Black History month started in 1926 with a National Negro History week. Every U.S. President has designated February as Black History month since 1976. Black History month is a month dedicated to recognize and celebrate the achievements of African Americans and their central role in U.S. history. Continue reading “Whetstone Efforts for Black History Month Fall Short”