Now Playing: Whetstone High School’s Fall Play will Have you Falling in Love all Over Again, and Again

The heart wants what the heart wants. And right about now who doesn’t want to see some incredible theater at a local high school?

Whetstone High School’s Production of Almost, Maine opened at 7 PM on Friday November 15 (after a quick preview performance for the student body at the end of the school day). Chris Ray has managed to inspire another brilliant performance from some extremely talented Whetstone actors.

The play will be presented Saturday November 16 at 7 PM and a final matinee performance takes place at 2 PM Sunday the 17.

Scenes from the school preview of the play, November 15, 2019.

The night my life changed. Part 2


By: Bri’elle Alexis


Today I just wore something plain, skinny jeans and a pink shirt with my white sneakers. I went to bathroom and did my hair and makeup then went down stairs.

I got picked up by Caleb everyday so I grabbed a Continue reading “The night my life changed. Part 2”