Second Senior Meeting of 2017 Held

By Edwin Carmona

Last Wednesday, on november 1st, we had our second senior meeting on this 2017 held by our administrator Mr herzog. He mainly talked about how many students have an A on their grades and how many students have two A’s, three A’s, four, five and six A’s which only 4 students on all seniors have six A’s and just after that he showed how many F’s seniors has which they were a lot almost the same as the A’s.

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Half Day Happenings

by Yahfa Guerra and Kelisha Green

For the average student, class starts at seven thirty to two thirty,but they’re a fraction of students who only attend half a day usually leaving before lunch.There are a lot of variations as to why. Some students go home, attend college courses, or even a career center. How does this affect the students involved you ask?

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Packing Away Hunger

By Yahfa Guerra

On Thursday November 16 2017, Whetstone hosted an event. This event consisted of a factory style assembly line that produced meals made of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a vitamin B packets. Our original goal was to make 22,000 but our production was so good we went beyond it.

packaway (25 of 70)
Seniors Davis Kleen and Morgan Daniels volunteer their time to help end hunger in Lesotho.

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Whetstone Spanish Class Using Bracelets to Change the World

By Arielle Swinehart

The Pulsera Project, pulsera meaning bracelet, is a nonprofit organization that connects Central American artists with students in over 1,600 schools. The project not only distributes colorful bracelets all over American schools, but also creates real change in Central American communities.

How can you get involved?

Whetstone’s Spanish four and five class is participating in selling these bracelets to create lasting change. The class will be selling these bracelets now until February 3, 2017. The bracelets will be sold at home girls and boys basketball games, parent-teacher conferences, and home wrestling matches.

Armando Prince, Spanish four student, said, “The Pulsera Project really opens our minds to what life is really like outside of the United States.”

Make a difference today by buying your own bracelet. The bracelets are $5. Of that five dollars, $1.25 goes directly to the artist and the remaining $3.75 goes to the organization and is used as loans and scholarships for the communities.

“It gives the people in those countries an opportunity to make an income without just directly giving them the money,” said Spanish five student Isabel Cook. “The sales are going really well; our goal is $2,000 and we just passed the $1,000 mark.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a pulsera and directly impacting a struggling community, attend one of the following events or contact Señora Mejia or one of her students.

January 25th 2:45-7:15:  Parent-Teacher Conferences

January 26th 5:45-end: Wrestling Match

January 27th 5:00-9:00: Boys JV and Varsity Basketball Game

January 31st 5:00-9:00: Girls JV and Varsity Basketball Game

February 3rd 5:00-9:00: Girls JV and Varsity Basketball Game