It’s The Season for Theatre

By Yahfa Guerra and Kelisha Green

This 2017 fall whetstone high school is putting on the play Check Please and Hard Candy by Jonathan Rand.

Check Please is a musical play about a series of disastrous dates that goes bad to worse.It explains how hard dating is, whether it be a kleptomaniac ,a mime ,or a partner to her grandmother’s bridge games.

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Homecoming Football Game 2017

By Yves Zoongrana, Tamer al-Rabadi, Abdullah Ahmed

October 13th is the Whetstone football homecoming game. They will be playing against Beechcroft high school football team. The game will take place at Whetstone High school at 7pm.

The football team players are working hard to get ready for the game, they are practicing news plays and also improving their special team.

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2017 Final Broadcast

It’s a bittersweet time of year in high schools all across the USA and Whetstone is no exception. While we celebrate the success of our seniors, we will also miss them greatly. In this final episode we send the seniors off with style, listen to their ¬†words of wisdom and have a little fun pranking them with some hand soap and a challenge to “stay clean!” Keep it classy, Whetstone!