Reflections on the Pandemic by a Somali American Teen

By Sumaya Ali

I have been thinking a lot about the world and all the good and bad that’s happening.

I look around and I see all the things we could achieve if we were able to work together and also the damage we do when we don’t work together.

I never truly realized how unfair the world could be until this virus. There are so many bad things I see now but there are also a lot of good things. It is Ramadan, I am going to graduate, I just got my driver’s license: these things make me happy, even if they are not the way I ever thought they would be.

On the other hand there are protests and there is social injustice.

There are protests going about how we should open up stores, shops and jobs. Which I understand but those people protesting do not see all the people dying.

What I am trying to focus on is how white protesters bring guns and hit the police and harass people. And the cops are not fighting back but instead they are giving them masks and water bottles.

At the same time black kids and black people in general are getting beat up for going outside of their house. And black people are getting shot for jogging and people assumed that he was robbing houses and shot him right on the street. The people who murdered him didn’t even get arrested for over two months.

It’s really hard for me to think about good things when all I see is injustice happening all around me. But I think it’s still important to think about all the good things.

Something good that I can think about is the fact that we get to graduate even though it’s going to be online. I am still happy that I will be able to graduate.

Another thing that I am really happy about is Ramadan. It’s not like how it used to be where we would go hang out with family and family and have bonfires and party’s at night. or go to fast food restaurants at 4 in the morning.

It’s different but I am still thankful that I get to spend it with my family at the safety of my house.

I am also very happy to have finished driving school even though I want the test to be an official driver. I am still happy.

There are a lot of things that I am thankful about but things really do need to change in a big and good way.

One response to “Reflections on the Pandemic by a Somali American Teen”

  1. Happy Ramadan. I liked reading about eating out at 4 am and the bonfire with family. I hope by the end of Ramadan, you can have a lovely time with your family.


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