One Direction Reunion Imminent?

by Catherine Flanagan

Rumors and Reunions

Image from: Daily Express

This quarantine has got many people reflecting on times when we were able to leave our homes and go to fun events, like concerts. This sense of nostalgia has left people thinking of reunions, more specifically, a reunion of one of the most well known bands of the 2010’s, One Direction.

The popular group began what was supposed to be an 18 month hiatus in January 2016, it has now been 5 years since the group has released any music or performed together.

Fans have been waiting for a reunion for quite some time and the month of April has given them reasons to be hopeful.

On April 14th, 2020, member Liam Payne spoke to James Corden essentially confirming the rumors of a reunion in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their formation. During his virtual appearance on the Late Late Show, Payne stated “I’m not allowed to say too much… we’ve been speaking a lot more at the moment… I think we’re all feeling that that 10 year is a very special moment.”

Payne has been spreading rumors of a reunion for weeks, to the point where it has become a discussion between his bandmates. On April 19th, Payne was interviewed by the Australian news show Sunrise and explained “I kind of let the cat out of the bag about the anniversary… Louis actually told me off on text message, he said if I do it again he is going to egg my house.”

Fans have also noticed activity on the bands youtube and twitter accounts. The amount of accounts the band’s twitter has been fluctuating throughout the month and videos and playlists are mysteriously disappearing and reappearing on the group’s youtube channel.

While all of this talk has given fans a glimmer of hope about a reunion, another member of the group, Niall Horan attempted to shut down the rumors. While on an instagram livestream on April 29th, the singer stated “There’s a lot of talk about it at the moment…but there is no reunion as such. We are just talking a bit more recently.”

This obviously has left fans confused on what to believe. This could have been done because it was the truth, or an attempt to quiet the talk of a reunion before it happens. Not all hope is lost, because a few months prior to the Jonas Brothers reunion, Nick Jonas also told news outlets that there was no reunion.

There is no definite answer as to whether or not there will be any form of a reunion, the month of April has definitely got Directioners feeling nostalgic and anxiously waiting for the 10th anniversary on July 23rd.

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