A New Normal: Impacts of a Pandemic

By Olivia Cobbs

March 13th

You never really know how lucky you are until everything you know is gone.

This was just a normal day before we were all put on quarantine. No masks, no gloves, no 6 feet distance rule, just high school students enjoying each other’s presence. We didn’t know what was coming. None of us knew that we wouldn’t be able to hug each other until the world woke up again. They said it would be like a “long spring break”. They also said it wouldn’t hurt us. But look where we are now. 89,915 people have stopped breathing. They stopped hugging their family. Laughing with friends. Living their lives. They couldn’t even say goodbye before they finally closed their eyes forever. When will this all end, and how many more will leave us without a sound?

Enjoy running while you can. Breathing is a luxury that we don’t even acknowledge. We all fail to acknowledge the things we have until there is a risk of losing it. This is just human nature. Health is one of the most precious things a human can be blessed with. Don’t let your health pass you by because it can be taken in an instant. So run while you can breathe. Don’t wait until the cane to know how lucky you were.

Being a kid is great. You have a whole life laid out in front of you to explore. You can create who and what you want to be. Experiences are fresh and beautiful to young eyes. Even when you age you still have time. Many adults don’t realize it but you don’t have to be stuck. There is a lot more to discover besides the same desk and the same water bills. Live life to the fullest and don’t stop until you’re proud of your life. There is a certain triumph when you can lay down at last and say “I’m proud”.

The world is damaged and the people living on it aren’t any better. Although these days are lonely and trying, good things can still be found. This is a time of healing. It came in the most unexpected way but nothing good comes out of expectation. The world needed to breathe for a second. Life was so busy that there was no time to sit and remember what life is all about.

So, while we are all waiting for life to resume, let’s enjoy this time we are given. There may never be a break like this in our lives again. There are people dying and struggling so count yourself lucky if you don’t fall in that category. Be aware but don’t be paranoid. Don’t take all the groceries and toilet paper. Listen to certified people for information. And above all, stay safe and stay smart.

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