Pick your own Quarter 4 Project!

Second Assignment of Q4:

After you have completed your 4th quarter personalized learning goals you need to pick a project for Q4. You will turn your work in every Friday and it should build upon your daily writing/video blogging/photography etc. to tell a story week by week. 

Here are four suggestions: 

Choice 1. Open up a Google Doc and share it with me. Then write in the document as a “BLOG.” You should blog several times a week. 

Choice 2. Open your camera and record yourself. Do this daily or at least 3-4 times a week for maybe 1-2 minutes. Produce a weekly product. 

Choice 3: take pictures of your world. Can’t go outside much? What are you doing at home? What do you cook/eat? What do you do to pass your time? Take a picture a day and write a short description of each photograph and connect it with an introduction/conclustion to tell a story.

Choice 4: Pitch me another idea. Don’t like these three choices? What do you want to do for Q4?

By MONDAY March 30 you should pick what you woud like to do and create a GOOGLE DOC describing to me what your plan is! Here are some links below with other high school journalists who created a VLOG about their experiences through this crazy time. You do NOT have to anything about the current Pandemnic. You can write about music, reflect on your life, interview family, friends etc. (phone/email/video interviews of course…not face to face!).

Mr. Smith

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