How Students Are Preparing For Their Finals

By Damarius K. Warfield

Finals are just days away.Many people are worried about this and everyone is very nervous about this.

Earlier this week i talked to a few students.Reginald Michael quotes “ I plan on studying every day right after school”.

Another student named Ishmael Obas quotes “I plan on trying to get as much help as possible from teachers and any tips i could use for the finals.

Finals are starting next week and most students have 80 minutes to complete them.Most teachers are doing multiple choice questions.

Other teachers might be doing final projects.Each final has roughly 25 to 50 multiple choice questions on it.

Some teachers made study guides for their students that they could turn in for extra points.Other teachers are explaining to their students about what questions they should expect on the finals.

Teachers are also trying to encourage their students to not be nervous about the finals.A lot of students are worried about how they will do on the test.

Jaheim Moore quotes “ I just hope i pass with a decent grade”.The finals are worth about 20% of a students grade.

Students who miss finals will have a makeup day.Teachers recommend that students do not miss their final unless they its an emergency.

All students will take finals.Some students who had all A’s for all four quarters would not have to take the finals.

After a student finishes all of their finals they will not be required to come to school anymore and will be done for the year.

These test are very important too.If you fail this test it can bring you down a whole letter grade.So if you had a C in one of your classes and fail the final you could be at a D or even a D-.

Evey teacher recommends to their students that they study or they and not mess around before their finals.

Teachers wish the students the best of luck.The last finals will be around the 28th.

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