Volleyball Team Bonds on Toledo Trip

Girls Volleyball 2018
Bonding in Toledo on a road game helps the girls play as a cohesive unit.

By: Maddy Weaver & Mataya Stokes

What encourages bonding more than a team trip? During a recent trip to Toledo, the ladies of the Whetstone volleyball team gained each others’ trust and became closer with one another, making them feel more like a team.

The team arrived in Toledo on Friday, September 7th and stayed until Sunday, September 9th. On Saturday, the team won their game against Emmanuel Christian.

“I think the trip was more about bonding than playing because at the end of the day if we were to drive up to Toledo to play one game it wouldn’t be worth it,” says Lillian Keener, one of the volleyball players.

Team bonding is important because it forces the players to get to know one another on a personal level, allowing the scared or intimidated players to feel more comfortable and less afraid when playing or practicing. This matters because players that are afraid or intimidated will feel alone on the court, and during a game, they’ll be afraid to make mistakes or mess up, especially freshman.

But players that can communicate with one another and feel like part of a team won’t put so much pressure on themselves to not make mistakes. Players that have bonded together understand each other a lot more and help each other more.

Team bonding may have contributed to a recent Whetstone volleyball win in Toledo, or not, but either way, the team bonded with each other and built relationships to last a lifetime.

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