Second Senior Meeting of 2017 Held

By Edwin Carmona

Last Wednesday, on november 1st, we had our second senior meeting on this 2017 held by our administrator Mr herzog. He mainly talked about how many students have an A on their grades and how many students have two A’s, three A’s, four, five and six A’s which only 4 students on all seniors have six A’s and just after that he showed how many F’s seniors has which they were a lot almost the same as the A’s.

And he also talked about others things which are very important for all seniors who are going to graduate this school year like what name the students wants on their diploma and their height and weight for the gown.

Mr Herzog also said that they will help students to get their diploma by encouraging students who wants to graduate earlier than their graduation by taking VCAP, classes after school. And then our counselors talked about how to pay senior fees online and he also mentioned that if any students who does not know how to pay senior fees online than they can contact with senior administrator school counselors.

For the last part of the meeting, Mr Herzog showed us a video to encourage us to try our best on life to get what we want, the video was about a football coach who had nothing when he was our age and how he raise himself all the way to the top, that video.

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