Packing Away Hunger

By Yahfa Guerra

On Thursday November 16 2017, Whetstone hosted an event. This event consisted of a factory style assembly line that produced meals made of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a vitamin B packets. Our original goal was to make 22,000 but our production was so good we went beyond it.

packaway (25 of 70)
Seniors Davis Kleen and Morgan Daniels volunteer their time to help end hunger in Lesotho.

Our benefits go to the country of Lesotho which is located in South Africa. They rank 24 on one of the world’s poorest countries. By doing this charity event you help the children and villagers with the issue of malnutrition and stunted growth.

Lesotho’s soil is equivalent to soil on mars which attributes to the lack of their own grow food. Most of their food source is imported and does not support the whole country. By sending in the meals we help further a country. To find more information about the Pack Away Hunger Initiative go to and donate to one of the many countries that need your help.

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