Half Day Happenings

by Yahfa Guerra and Kelisha Green

For the average student, class starts at seven thirty to two thirty,but they’re a fraction of students who only attend half a day usually leaving before lunch.There are a lot of variations as to why. Some students go home, attend college courses, or even a career center. How does this affect the students involved you ask?

According to Kelisha Green (student who goes home at 10:56) “it’s easier because it’s not a lot of work and you have free time . You can get it work done on time.For people who go a full day it’s more stressful because they have a lot of work and classes and they can’t do everything.You also get a lot of free time for jobs and college applications.”

A downfall for leaving early is that you’re not very well informed on school events and you’re left out.The benefits outweigh the negatives through.

Whitney Anderson says that going to Fort Hayes career center “creates opportunities and helps build a better idea of what you want to do with your life.”

This seems to be the general consensus of the student body. Free time creates opportunities and helps the students feel like they can achieve things in a timely fashion.It helps end procrastination of students that have too much time on their hands,which leads then to be more active in their daily lives.

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