It’s The Season for Theatre

By Yahfa Guerra and Kelisha Green

This 2017 fall whetstone high school is putting on the play Check Please and Hard Candy by Jonathan Rand.

Check Please is a musical play about a series of disastrous dates that goes bad to worse.It explains how hard dating is, whether it be a kleptomaniac ,a mime ,or a partner to her grandmother’s bridge games.

Hard candy is a comedy about a secretary who seems to love her job but develops bad working habits do to the company job ,that leaves all the employees jaded.There is a gay man trying to see what going on a heterosexual date is like – only to have it become a disaster, which makes him happy.

The whetstone cast consist of Sierra Bell, Owen Vahmen, Julian Calderon,Matvey Alpatov,Micheal Bossenbroek,Theodosia Yamano,Shekinah Gresham,Lelie Midy,Tasean Fine,Maddy Burns,Tori Coray ,Debrah Jeager, Margaret Perkins, Jacob Maitland.The senior director is Claire Mccaigish.

Rehearsals are finishing up on october 17.We are excited to see what the whetstone theater will be producing this year whether it be a saddening sonnet or a fantastical musical.The braves are sure to succeed in their new theatrical venture.

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