Homecoming Football Game 2017

By Yves Zoongrana, Tamer al-Rabadi, Abdullah Ahmed

October 13th is the Whetstone football homecoming game. They will be playing against Beechcroft high school football team. The game will take place at Whetstone High school at 7pm.

The football team players are working hard to get ready for the game, they are practicing news plays and also improving their special team.

On this day, the players will meet in the cafeteria for lunch, after lunch they will be heading to the lockers room in order to get ready for training.

Assistant football coach Jones told us, “The homecoming game is hard to prepare for due to the distractions.  Some players will be more worried about dancing than the game. Beechcroft isn’t bad, they are not great either. The chance of winning depends on the practices. Last year more players showed off for practice and they won the game.” Coach jones added: “ talent is overrated. Talent needs Hard work but hard work doesn’t need talent!”

Grace Moore, the Vocal Ensemble teacher, said that the vocal Ensemble and the band will perform the national anthem. They will be lined up on the 50 and wearing a Whetstone t-shirts.

This game won’t be an easy one due to the distractions but support your team by wearing red, grey and navy blue to support Whetstone.


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