Whetstone Track Team Sprinting for Success


By Arielle Swinehart

The Whetstone track season officially started March 6th. Despite the cold weather and rain, people are very excited about the upcoming season. The coaches, and Whetstone teachers, Mr. Monda and Mr. Lisi anticipate a good season.

Mr. Monda said, “I’m excited because the new kids we have, which we have a lot, have a really good attitude. A positive attitude gives positive results and they’ve been working hard.”


The 2017 Boys Track Team
The 2017 Girls Track Team


There is a relatively equal mix of new people and returners.

Monda then continued, “Every year the first goal is that everyone improves from the first race to the last, and just have a good time.”

Whetstone junior Rebeka Spulgis, known for her cross country accomplishments, is coming up on her first season of track.

Spulgis said, “This track season has been better than I expected so far, everyone works so hard and well together. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish this year.”
Whetstone Track season begins April 5 and continues through early May with a post season, as necessary, scheduled for Mid May.

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