Vocal Ensemble Participates in OMEA


By Yves Zoongrana


On friday March 3 , the Whetstone Vocal Ensemble women and other schools choirs  will participate in a sight reading contest at Whetstone High School . The event will take place at 3:00 pm .


The schedule is the following:

3:10 pm Homeroom Groveport Madison .

3:30 pm Pick North Women.

3:50 pm London Symphonic.

4:10 pm Hamilton Twp.Symphonic.

4:30 pm Groveport Madison STAB .

5:10 pm  Whetstone  Ensemble .

5:30 pm Hamilton Twp.Women.

5:50 pm Pick North Women Elite.

6:10 pm Lancaster Women’s Ensemble.

7:45 pm Pick North Chorale.

8:10 pm Lancaster Women’s Chorale.

8:30 pm Pick North Men .

8:50 pm Lancaster HS Men .

9:10 pm Circleville Symphonic Choir .

9:20 pm Lancaster Chamber Singers.

There will be four judges in total.

After the sight reading, the Whetstone vocal ensemble will interpret those followings pieces:

I shall not live in vain

Lullaby moon

    Mr. Hollihan said, “I think the choral festival is a tremendous opportunity to represent not only Whetstone High School in music, but also Columbus City Schools.  This is a choral contest that features our vocal ensemble women performing and making music in front of three judges, before heading to a sight reading room and working there as well.”
     “As a teacher I look forward to contests because they’re not only great performance opportunities, but also great educational opportunities and it is a chance to get feedback from,” continued Mr. Hollihan.

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