By: Yirmeyah Yehuda


Poverty, it is the world’s most common flaw. A Tragic State of living, in which such terms of “living” aren’t existent in a long term occasion. According to which stated similar, “the causes and effects of poverty are often interrelated in such way…bad sanitation, hunger and lack of water make people more vulnerable to them”  (causes and effects of poverty). Poverty moves the human mind in such way in sometimes to desperate which also inspires the will to commit a crime.

Oxfam is an organization in which poverty is fought in the Syrian region, deflecting possibilities of crime and death. An international and non-governmental organization founded in 1942, directed by Winnie Byanyima. I chose this organization, because just as Winnie and the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, I to believe that poverty should be the primary or at least one of the primary focuses of the world’s issues. I chose this organization simply for the fact that people all over are suffering of poverty due to war and violence, and for it to remain silent to the world only makes things worst for humanity. One’s knowledge and understanding of another’s problems may appeal as a work of nature and mankind, the ability to help one another resolves a lot of issues of the world. I feel Oxfam could play as a role model, a prime example of what the world’s biggest issue may very well be. Oxfam addresses these causes of poverty and also similar injustices of work. Through local accountable organizations searching to enhance their effectiveness. Oxfam’s goal is to help people when local economic capacity is insufficient or inappropriate for Oxfam’s purposes. To assist in development to benefit people experiencing stages and realities of poverty.

Poverty is a huge issue to the world. I believe it affects everything the human race has ever built on, in the society of mankind and the mentality of the people of this world. A plague of destruction and without more help like Oxfam, I believe the human race would eventually become more vulnerable than ever before. In conclusion this is why I choose Oxfam, the organization that helps poverty issues of Syrian citizens due to War/ violence and crime.

We all can help to contribute to our fellow neighbors of the east, due to the heavy crime and violent environment I feel that there is much to be done to insure that the world is a safe and better place.

Go to and learn more about this organization  and also other organizations such as which help the cause in the Syrian environment, to make a better place for these people and also to inspire hope.

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