Broadcast 12.9.16

What’s happening Whetstone! The Braves Messenger staff is giving you the news in a big way this week. Sierra and Taevion get an interview with the one and only Bailey Waitkus, we check in with Coach Jones and Whetstone wrestling and Aaron and Daniel check out the Amazon Echo in our first edition of our our new tech feature. One more week until break! Yowza!!!



If I’m Not Awake, Then How Can I Learn?

by Olivia Bump


If you’re the typical American High School student, you’re day usually starts extremely early.  In my case, the day begins promptly at 7-23 in the morning.      

 Every day since Freshman year, I’ve noticed a pattern amongst students and teachers during first period.  Some students are slumped forward in their seats, their heads on their desks as the warm arms of sleep enveloped them.  Teachers attempt to wake students by various methods such as letting them stretch or in some cases, yelling at them.  However, these two methods don’t work because some students are still sleeping during class and are not actively engaged.  This is an age old problem that needs to be confronted.

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Columbus school got a new levy

Columbus city schools got the new levy so they have more funding for our schools. They haven’t got a levy passed in three years the levy passed 62 to 38.

None of the money will go to charter schools the 2013 plan was largely crafted by the

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