The night my life changed. Part 2


By: Bri’elle Alexis


Today I just wore something plain, skinny jeans and a pink shirt with my white sneakers. I went to bathroom and did my hair and makeup then went down stairs.

I got picked up by Caleb everyday so I grabbed a banana and heard him blow his horn so I ran outside. “hey babe” he said when I got in the car.

“hey, let’s go grab some coffee I need some caffeine in me before I snap on someone today” I said with some edge in my voice “ok” he laughed he knew better than to test me in the morning.

I ordered my French vanilla, then we were on our way to start the day. “so you want to tell me why you got a big ass bite on your arm?” asked Caleb with an annoyed voice.

I looked down to see it started showing again “shit” I said and looked through my bag I put a band aide in there just in case,

“me and my dad got in another fight last night and I stormed and got attacked by a dog” I said with a sigh,

“I’m pretty sure I know what the fight was about, but why did you walk out? You should have called me.” He said and I could tell he was getting mad

“it was late I was mad so I just walked out, I didn’t think I would get attacked by a dog Caleb!” I said with irritation in my voice

He looked at me as if I lost my mind but thank god we were at school so I got out and he said “this isn’t over Braya” and got out

Came around and gave me a quick kiss I was about to say a smart ass remark back when my best friend Jaylen came over

She said really loud “omg there’s a new guy that just started here and let me tell you he is hut with a capital H” she was all exacted, for a small town we don’t get many new people

so I said “wow what he to get dragged in this shit hole?” with sarcasm in my voice and Caleb laughed

Jaylen gave me a look “no you don’t understand I mean he’s like Chris hemsworth hot sexy” she said with a grin.

Wow to get in the name category as him you out to be a pretty boy I smiled “wow that hot huh?” she had the biggest smile on her face “yesss” she said

I just shock my head at her and grabbed my bag and started walking in. Caleb came up and put his arm around me and we walked in, everyone was talking about the hot new guy I went to my locker Caleb right behind me “ok babe i’ll see u after class” he said with a quick kiss and left.

I walked into 1st and went right to my seat, there was an empty desk right next to me always has been so I put my stuff on it. I was looking at my notes when I heard a voice that was deep and really sexy I haven’t heard it before and when I looked up and the world felt like it stopped.

I have never seen him before but oh. My. God. He was sexy as hell with his dark brown hair a dye for smile with dimples and he was really buff and tall.

I knew I was staring but it was hard not to and it felt like time froze when I looked at him “do you mind if I sit here?” he pointed to the desk next to mine I could barely breath but I sneaked out “no” and felt my face flame as I moved my stuff.

His smile got wider as he sat down and I think time went on as I heard the teacher talking but I couldn’t stop staring at him “my names Brayden, I just moved here” he said  

I relived he was the hot new guy everyone’s talking about. “Braya” I said as I put my hand out he took it and electricity went right through me I was so shocked that I held on to his hand, when I saw I was still holding I let go and blushed

“that’s a very lovely name” he said with a smile and I just wanted to kiss those lips. “thank you” I said in a small voice the bell rang

I started getting up when he said “would you help me get through this day?” with hope I looked at him and somehow knew I would never tell him no “I would be happy to, can I see your classes?”

he handed it to me and I was spirited that we had every class together I smiled to myself and looked up to find him watching “we have the same classes all day, I can’t believe I’m saying this but you can be my stalker for the day” I said with a big smile

“well that’s a new one but I’ll take it” he said smiling and I was about to say something when Caleb poked his head in and said “babe what are you doing?”

he didn’t see Braydon yet “this is Braydon he’s new and we have all the same classes so he’ll be stalking me for the day” I looked at Braydon and smiled.

Caleb stepped in and said “what’s up bro?” he looked at him and when I looked at Braydon he looked pissed and I don’t know why

“hi” he said and then looked at me “you want to get going to class?” he asked

I was confused he was just rude to Caleb I said “yeah let’s go” and walked out him following behind and Caleb came up beside me and put his arm around me and kissed me.

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