The flags and their meanings

The flag is a unique symbol. It is a unique symbol because it shows the constitutionality of a country or a  group of people who wears it and indicate also the principles . The flag express the liberty ,  the courage of population, and a flag can also repre

sent states. During the wars , the flags are used to express the submission.


   The United  State of America flag  surnamed  Stars  and Stripes  has three colors red , white and blue. The whites signifies purity and  innocence , Red, hardiness and valour, and the Blue, the  colors of  the Chief.

The United State of America has been adopted in july  4, 1960. The 50 stars  on the flag represent  the 50 states  of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence  from the Kingdom of Great  Britain , and became the first states in the US.



The white flag is an international sign  of peace and truce . This flag is typically used in wartime ,soldiers wearing or waving white flag must not be attacked.

The white flag is recognized by Hague Convention  since 1899.


     The red flag  is the symbol of the labor movement , used by revolutionary movement ,

In the social struggles and organization  union , socialist  and communist . It is also the international sign of no swimming in the case of danger.


The France flag , tricolour flag blue, white , red  is also called  pavilion tricolor is  the national emblem of French republic .


  • The blue is the color  from the city Paris, capital of France.
  • The white is the color traditionally associated to the French monarchy  .
  • the red  is the color of the blood paid to free the people .



But the red , as the blue can be considered as Paris colors . So the kind surrounded by Paris.

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