The night my life changed


By: Bri’elle Alexis

“You cannot be with a guy who doesn’t care about school!” Yelled my dad.

`He does not like my boyfriend Caleb, he never has. “Just cause he don’t go to school means he a bad guy, dad.” I shot back.

We were in the living room yelling back and forth about Caleb, it was getting old always yelling about it “yes it does because he won’t make anything of himself sweetie.”

My dad always calls me that when I yell with him, “I am getting so tired of yelling over this shit with you.”

I said calmly and grabbed my jacket and opened the door and walked out. I’m 18 so he can’t force me to stay here so I left.


I just started wandering around. It was a cool night out and I was a little chilly because I was wearing a jean skirt and a tank top but I had a jacket on. I was walking down the road by the woods when I heard a noise I thought it was just rabbit but then I heard it again

“hello?” I asked nothing even moved “is someone there?”

I asked I moved closer I didn’t see anything so I started turning when something caught my eye something black as night and I screamed and a giant dog jumped out of the woods and the next thing I knew it attacked me.

I tried to move out of the way but it was too late the dog jumped on me and stared at me “p-p-please let me go” I tried to beg the dog but he was strong he bared his teeth then the next thing I knew he bit me I screamed from the pain it felt like I was on fire.

The dog got off me and with one last took turn and ran for the woods. I laid there for a while and then finally slowly started getting up and walked home.

when I walked in the door my dad was at the table pacing he looked at me and he went pale “what the hell happened to you?”

I just walked by him and went into the bathroom. I looked in the minor and saw my jacket was ripped and I was covered in blood I looked at the bit and it looked like it was already starting to fade. I went back out and my dad was there waiting “Braya what happened tonight?”

“Nothing ok, I got attacked by a dog” I said walking to the fridge,

for some reason I was really thirsty “you were attacked by a DOG” he shouted I covered my ears they seem to be ringing “yes, god why are you yelling?”

I said as I walked out. I went upstairs and took off my clothes and got in the shower to wash off all the blood off. When I got in it looked like I was bleeding all over, after I stopped bleeding I washed my hair then I took a chance and washed the bit it didn’t hurt so bad I looked down and saw it was almost gone.

Maybe the dog didn’t bite as deep as I thought. I got out of the shower and put a cover over it and then went to my room. I didn’t feel very well at the moment so I put on an oversized shirt, and laid down and went to sleep. I had to go to school the next no matter how bad I felt it was my last year so I dragged myself out of bed and got ready, I went to the bathroom put my hair up and took off the bandage it didn’t look so bad anymore so I washed it one more time then got ready.


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