The Fight For Equality Continues

By Arielle Swinehart

Friday May 13, the Obama Administration sent out guidance to public schools regarding transgender students. One thing the guidance insures is that transgender students are able to use the bathroom that matches their identity.

The guidance isn’t considered a law, but it is very clear that if districts don’t follow it, they will lose federal funding and face potential lawsuits. It is up to the district leadership now to determine how quickly they will comply to these national standards. While society is becoming more and more accepting, some people are not that “evolved”. Administration within some schools are not as accepting to these guidelines. Whetstone particularly consists of administration that would prefer not to speak personally on the subject, and would rather take a more passive role in creating a more inclusive environment for all.

“The district then determines how we as a district are going to roll that out to the community and what we’re doing within each of our buildings… I’ll do whatever we’ve decided.” Principal Routzong said when asked how she personally feels about the guidance set forth by the Obama Administration.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with transgenders using the bathroom that matches their identity. They’re people too, so I don’t think we have the right to tell them which bathroom they can and can’t use,” Sophomore Isabel Cook said.

Prior to the guidelines a transgender student at Whetstone was told by administration that he was required to use either the girl’s restroom or the nurse’s restroom. Basically, he is forced to use the restroom that doesn’t match his identity at all, or the restroom designated for sick kids.

That is wrong. Something needed to be changed and the only way to make this change was the exact way Obama did it. So, thanks Obama; no seriously, thank you Obama.

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