Whetstone Boys Tennis Team

By Brenton Morrison

The Whetstone boy’s tennis team is continuing their strong season with their big 5-0 win against their rivals the Centennial Stars. The team’s dedication at practice is paying off. “We prepare by practicing every day after school and focusing on serves and keeping the ball in play,” sophomore, Armando Prince said.

The team may be young, but their skill set and fundamentals are still there.  “We have Henry Morris who is a freshmen and has shown a lot of talent and will be a big impact on the team in the future as he improves,” Prince said.

Before they beat Centennial, they played Whitehall and Northland. Whetstone took care of business beating Whitehall and Northland both 5-0.

The team is off to a superb start to their season as they are 8-1 and undefeated in the city league. “So far this season is going better than expected which means expectations are high for next season but our future looks bright especially with this year’s  freshmen continuing to improve,” sophomore, Atticus Bulgrin said.  Atticus went on to say, “I’m very excited for our future matches as  our season goes along though its seemingly going by too fast, but I’m ready to take a leadership role as an upper classman next year and this season has really helped me prepare for that.”

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