By Silas Land 

As summer break approaches, many Whetstone students begin to put less effort in their academics, and more into their plans for the summer. For AP students, the year isn’t over yet. They have to plan for the important exam, beginning on May 11th, over their particular AP subject.    

         Students like Bailey Waitkus are ready and prepared, but still a bit anxious. “I’m nervous but I feel like Mrs. Patton has prepared us well” she says, referring to her AP English instructor.

         Plenty of students also feel the test isn’t essential to the learning of the students. Bailey also agrees with this by saying “I don’t think the exam is necessary…too many things are based off tests”.

          Not all students feel the same as Waitkus. Junior Colin Martinez is very confident and ready for the exam. Colin is currently enrolled in three AP classes including English, biology, and calculus. “I don’t like [the exam] but I think it’s probably necessary, If I didn’t have to take it I wouldn’t”.

         Colin is confident in himself when it comes to tests, and doesn’t let any low scores hinder him. “No standardized tests define your intelligence” he says.

         Senior Ferris Clark is AP English alumni, and has taken the exam. He passed with a three. “I was beyond ready to take this test.” He said. “Don’t think you’re going to fail, if you think you’re going to fail then you’re going to fail.” Ferris encourages all students to do well on their exams. “Go hard,” he says.

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