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The most exciting senior tradition has begun. Senior tag, a game played by high school graduating classes across the country, is just kicking off for Whetstone seniors.

Senior tag is played with water guns, usually in teams of four. The goal is to shoot other teams to get them out, and win the whole game. There is also a requirement to get naked so that you’d have immunity to being shot.  Because of this, the game is not officially affiliated with the school.

Seniors aren’t the only ones involved in the game.  Students of all grade levels can be heard discussing the current status of who’s in or out.

Senior class president Ila Boley has worked hard to plan and get the word out for the game. She is amongst the many who believe the tradition is one to remember.

“I think senior tag is a good idea. It can get a bit confusing but all in all I think the seniors all have a lot of fun and are making priceless memories,” Ila Boley said.

Not all seniors are happy about the tradition. Ruby Shecklehoff is upset that she wasn’t aware of the game beginning.  This raises questions about how much senior tag is really about all the seniors.  

“Communication is crap in our class” Shecklehoff says. “I was looking forward to running around in a water war, but no [I’m not surprised]. They let a few “cool” people in a group chat but the rest of us are out of luck.” She was referring to the group chat a few of the seniors have to get the word out about senior events.

Senior tag is a popular game, and has been a part of Whetstone’s tradition for a while, but unfortunately being exclusive is also a high school tradition that may not end soon. All students should definitely participate if they have the chance.

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