Persevere Through the Testing

By: Rayshon Walker

Students at Whetstone have been pushing through all the uncomfortable and difficult AIR testing schedules this past week. Each of the 9th and 10th grade English classes had to take the test in the computer labs, which required careful scheduling by the counselors.

The blocked periods have been hard for many students trying to adjust to them but the first week of AIR testing was a success. Often times students complain about testing, and this time their voices should be heard.“My test scores do not define how smart I am or what I am capable of,” stated Whetstone sophomore Seth Bragg. Seth believes he is intelligent and he will be successful no matter his test results and that’s how he thinks everyone should view testing situations.

While teachers understand that testing is here to stay for a while, many teachers agree with the students. Teachers recognize that the state has to have something to determine whether we’ve been learning the correct information, but it can’t all be measured in one test. “A test simply can’t capture an accurate picture of a student on one given day of the year.  Students know much more than a correct answer on a bubble sheet,” Ms. Patton said.

More testing is to come for the students this quarter. Math, Biology, and History are the remaining subjects that are left for students to test over. Testing isn’t going away any time soon, so students have no choice but to study hard and continue to do their best.

Perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. When going into a testing situation, perseverance is something students should keep in mind to get through the test stress free but with determination to do well and finish strong.  

The main purpose of a test is to measure and check the quality, performance, or reliability of something, which in this case is the students. In the case of a student having not-so-good test scores but performing well in the classroom, it could mean the student is not a good test taker. Many students get nervous and become suddenly stressed in testing situations most of the time simply because they want to do well.

Ultimately, tests do not prove the intelligence of students. The minds of students are filled with all sorts of knowledge no matter the subject. The questions on a test are a small evaluation of the knowledge a student has within them.

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