Day in the Life of a Buckeye: Providing Motivation for Education

FullSizeRender (1)By Rayshon Walker

Several Whetstone students got the opportunity to be involved in The Day in the Life of a Buckeye at Ohio State University on Wednesday, March 23. This event paired a Whetstone student with an Ohio State student for the day. This opportunity allowed the Whetstone students to deeply interact and ask questions while having a chance to experience the college life.

The Whetstone students were also given the opportunity to sit in on some classes they may have been interested in. The goal of this event was mainly to convince high school students that Ohio State is completely dedicated to motivating young minds.

Students learned about the importance of college, how it will benefit them in the future, how to pay for college, and what to consider when applying and choosing the right college.

The turnout of this event was great and many students were excited about all that they had seen throughout the day.  Many students felt that it was beneficial to experience what college is actually like, rather than just hearing about it from others.

In addition to attending classes, Whetstone students were able to eat in the campus dining facilities, visit the library and recreational facilities, attend student group meetings, and get a chance to see residence hall rooms.

Overall this event was a success and encouraged a diverse group of students to attend college. With the support of The Ohio State University, many students feel more confident about going to college, and some see themselves as future Buckeyes.

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