St. Patrick’s Day in Columbus

By Aidan Tuttle

Every year on March 17th people around the nation throw on green, call off work, skip school, and if you are of age drink alcoholic beverages from sun up to sun down. This day of course is known worldwide as St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is known as “The Apostle of Ireland”. St. Patrick’s legacy grew even larger when millions of people emigrated to the U.S. from Ireland in the 1600s. When I asked my friend Justin Maguire who celebrates the day he said “On St. Patty’s day everyone is Irish!”

Columbus, Ohio has one of the largest celebrations in the country and from personal experience, the atmosphere is unforgettable. The day begins downtown with a parade packed full of dancing, music, and floats! All across town restaurants and bars are packed wall to wall with loud happy citizens letting loose and enjoying the day.  Then later in the day the “Irish family reunion” which is known nationwide as one of the largest gatherings on St. Patrick’s Day takes place at the Convention Center.  The “Irish family reunion” has amazing dancing and music performances that are second to none. There are also different traditional Irish foods and drinks you can’t find anywhere else!

If you haven’t experienced a St. Patrick’s day in Columbus, Ohio I recommend you mark your calendar for next year and prepare for a day to remember! St. Patrick’s brings people around the country close even if it’s just for one day, and in that one day everyone is Irish.

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