EbonyarticleBy Eboni Bays-Holley

One of life’s biggest mysteries is what happens after death. While scientists have yet to find an answer to this question, there are those who say that they have shared what are called near-death-experiences.

Most people who have died and come back to Earth say that they’ve seen a light at the end of a tunnel.  Some say that they’ve seen God.

One such person is pastor, Allen Rocky Layne, who died and came back, but he didn’t see a light or God.  He saw the Throne Room of God.

“The room was all white.  There weren’t any shadows,” Allen said.

Allen was leaving his home when he got into a truck accident.  “Three trucks rescued me.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been told,” Allen said.

His right eye was hanging out of his socket, his lungs had collapsed, and both of his knees were shattered.  He doesn’t remember standing and saying that he wanted to go home, but people tell him that is what he did.

Allen had to get brain surgery.  When the surgery was over, he got 48 staples from behind his right ear up to the top of his head.

Nine days of his life are gone due to memory loss.  “I spoke to God.  I didn’t see him, but we talked,” Allen said.

He said that time doesn’t work the same way in heaven as it does on Earth.  “The present was the only thing that I knew,” Allen added.

Nothing else mattered to him.  “I wanna live with you forever God.  That’s what I was bold enough to say to him.” Allen said.

“But God said, “No I am going to heal you.”

Allen never saw God’s face, but he heard his voice.  Allen promised God that he would pray for all of the people who helped him make it through.  “And God said to me.  “Do it!” and I was gone,” Allen finished.

When Allen woke up he realized that he was in the hospital.  He was firm on the fact that he was going home on Friday.  And so he did.

“When God says he is going to heal, he will heal.” Allen said.


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