Whetstone Mentor-A-Buckeye Students Spend Quality Time with Superintendent Dan Good

Rayshon Walker Mentor a BuckeyeBy Rayshon Walker

Some Mentor-A-Buckeye students from Whetstone had the opportunity to share some time and talk to Columbus City schools Superintendent, Dr. Dan Good. This was a great experience and allowed us students to interact with the Superintendent while we learn more about his plans for our district and we got a chance to learn more about Dr. Good as a person.

Students and staff had questions for Dr. Good, and this unique opportunity provided a chance to get answers.

Q: “What aspects go into cancelling school for a snow day?” – sophomore, Isabel Cook

A: “First we look at the conditions of the sidewalks and roads because if the sidewalks are covered, kids walk in the road and we don’t want them in the road when it’s dark so the time of year matters too. Second thing is ice, there’s nothing we can do about ice, and if there’s ice on the sidewalks we generally cancel. Third thing is about 83% of the kids in our district don’t eat unless we have school which is why we have free breakfast and lunch for everyone.”

Q: What is one of the biggest obstacles our district has to overcome and what do you plan to do to address it?” – Ms. Patton, a Whetstone AP English and journalism teacher

A: “The biggest obstacle in our districts is the obstacle in our community and that’s a belief gap…people don’t believe that they can achieve and that they can be everything they dream to be…”

And finally, my question to him was:

Q: What do you need for the students to do to better our school system?”

A: “You need to get out there and start talking about all that you’re doing and all that you achieve. You guys are amazing!”

Superintendent Good was very outgoing and interested in each of our hobbies and future goals, which meant a lot and signified that he cares about the students.

Dr. Good was very open-minded and generous towards us students and he believes students come first as one of his many priorities.

Being a superintendent of a large school district requires taking many things into consideration when looking into the well-being of his students to make sure they are safe and are provided with a variety of opportunities, and Dr. Good takes this job seriously.

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