Disease Spreading Through Whetstone

By Aidan Tuttle

A horrible sickness has spread all over the class of 2016, causing students to miss ridiculous amounts of school. From what I have heard the only cure for this disease is graduating high school. I’m talking, of course, about senioritis.

Senioritis is a disease senior’s nationwide catch every year after being accepted to their future colleges. Seniors realize that they can do the bare minimum amount of work and show up to school as rarely as they choose to as long as they get good enough grades to graduate. Some seniors catch slight cases and miss up to 10 days a year, but in severe cases students can miss between 20 to 35 days of school and still manage to graduate.

Senior football player Noah Minor was actually too lazy to think of his own quote when asked to give one for this article and sent me the link to quote website and said “put one of these it kinda sounds like me”. This disease is more serious than I thought. “When you’re a senior school is like Christian Kelly no one wants to be around it” said senior, Colin Lind.

The fact of the matter is this year all you have to do is take your GPA from each class multiply it by 2 and add in your final then divide that number by 9, and if your number comes out to be greater than 0.5 you will pass that class for the year. So you could receive a D one quarter, and a D+ the next quarter, then fail the other two quarters and the final and still pass for the year with flying colors.

Thanks to Columbus City Schools you should pass high school with a case of senioritis unless you really choose to fail on purpose, and even if you do choose to fail we still have ATEC where a diploma is forced down your throat. So whether you like it or not class of 2016 you are graduating!

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