Tardy Policy is Late to the Game

By Hannah Rizzi

Students here at Whetstone have a lot to say when it comes to the amount of time they get during class changes and how many tardy passes they’re allowed to get.  Students have approximately three minutes in between class periods. Some students feel that this isn’t enough time.

Sophomore, Sally Hauenstein had some input on this issue. “There’s definitely pros and cons to this. I know that by giving us three minutes, teachers are trying to prevent kids from hanging out in the hallways. But it’s also difficult for students with classes all the way across the school building. They don’t just have enough time to get to class, and they end up being tardy,” Hauenstein said.

The new tardy policy not only addresses tardies to class, but the goal of administration is to reduce tardies to 1st period.  Sally is one of many students who has had problems getting to school on time.  “Only being able to get three tardy passes in the morning when coming to school late and then a detention if you exceed over the limit of passes, is super difficult. There’s lots of construction and also traffic when coming to school, and it’s hard to be able to get to school on time,” Hauenstein said.

Students wish this policy was started at the beginning of the year instead of halfway into the school year when habits have been made. Giving students a heads up on how many tardy passes they get per year, would allow them to practice time management skills in the morning.  Students feel that it isn’t fair to change the rules in the middle of the game.

Some students suggested that adding an extra minute or even two to the amount of time we have during class changes would make a huge difference. Sophomore, Kellie Rodriguez stated, “I don’t think that they give us enough time. We only have three minutes. I know that other schools have at least four or five minutes. I feel that giving us five minutes during class changes would be a lot more sufficient because lots of students have to go to the bathroom and they aren’t even using their lockers because there’s just not enough time.”
Students want to find a resolution to this problem that both they and administration can agree on. It may be too late to change the rules once again, but hopefully next year a better solution to the tardy problem will be implemented from the beginning of the year.

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