Whetstone Efforts for Black History Month Fall Short


By Arielle Swinehart

Black History month started in 1926 with a National Negro History week. Every U.S. President has designated February as Black History month since 1976. Black History month is a month dedicated to recognize and celebrate the achievements of African Americans and their central role in U.S. history.

Here at Whetstone we “celebrate” Black History month, but do we really do enough?  Students at Whetstone seem to think we could be doing more, although we are doing more than last year since last year we did nothing.

What does Whetstone do to celebrate black History month? “We do a morning announcement everyday sharing a black history fact and we’re thinking about having someone special come in and speak to everybody,” Whetstone student and Principal Advisory Board member, Sierra Bell said. “I think we can do more [for black history month], but we are trying our best and at our Principal Advisory Board meetings we did bring it up to Mrs. Routzong that we need to do more,” Bell added.

“I feel like Black History month isn’t addressed very well here. All we get is a fact during the announcements every other day, and that’s just not enough. There is just so much Black History that could be addressed every day. It could be incorporated in classes and I feel like our students aren’t being educated well enough on the subject,” student Taliek Watkins said.

“We’ve been learning the same things since Elementary school, commemorating people such as Dr. King and Rosa Parks. We keep learning the same lessons over and over again, but we’re not actually being taught anything new,” junior, Ava McCargish said.

There are more accomplishments than just Dr. King and Rosa Parks. There have been so many people in the African American fight for freedom and equality. Let’s honor the doctors, the lawyers, the astronauts, the poets, the musicians and the soldiers because each and every accomplishment made a difference.

So what do you think? Could Whetstone do more to celebrate Black History month? Could teachers do more to incorporate Black History month into their curriculum? Talk to members of the Principal Advisory Board and voice your opinion.


One response to “Whetstone Efforts for Black History Month Fall Short”

  1. I believe this article would be enhanced by more opinions from adults and teens who are african american, otherwise good work arielle C:


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