Class of 2019By Julia Galdamez

The transition from middle school to high school is a bigger leap than expected. Freshman students say that Whetstone High has welcomed them very warmly. They believe that their school has made their change quite manageable with slight struggles.

Freshman, Reiana Miller, says there were few difficulties but she was able to handle any challenges she faced. Starting high school is very hard, but the hardest part is being true to yourself. Miller says it is important to “stick to what you believe in” and to “be hardworking.”

Dyna Bresson, another freshman, says “at first it was really stressful but people were nice which made for an easy transition.” She has relied on some sayings such as “don’t worry if people do not know you all of the time” and “people are a lot nicer than you would expect,” to help her through her challenges.

Whetstone has many sports and clubs for students to get involved, which Miller thinks is the best part of her school. Bresson enjoys the welcoming environment and the many friendly people. Both ladies would like to give a special thanks to the teachers who have helped them create a remarkable first year of high school. Reiana Miller would like to thank Mrs. Buckley, and Dyna Bresson would like to thank Mrs. Wirthman.

Whetstone is a part of a very tight-knit community and has succeeded at welcoming new students and encourages students to stay and continue to be a part of all of Whetstone’s fun.

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