Important Things to Remember for History Day

By Arielle Swinehart

National History Day is an academic competition for sixth through twelfth graders. Whetstone’s ninth grade humanities class participates in the competition every year. This year’s theme is Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History.

After placing twelfth in National History Day last year, I learned a few important things that all participants should remember. Continue reading “Important Things to Remember for History Day”

Mayor Ginther Returns Home for the State of the City Address

State Of the CItyBy Rayshon Walker

The state of the city was nothing less than a success. The large, upbeat crowd created a lively atmosphere. The elite leaders of the city of Columbus were all in attendance, including the Buckeye Guy, NBC 4, 10tv news, and ABC 6 were in the building getting as much coverage as possible on the new mayor’s State of the City address.. Continue reading “Mayor Ginther Returns Home for the State of the City Address”

Born To Play

Born To PlayBy Julia Galdamez

Ben Kramer is a senior at Whetstone, and he has attended Whetstone all four years of his high school career. Ben has had a knack for music since he was six years old. Kramer plays in the school orchestra, sits first chair for the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra, and occasionally plays in small quartets for his teachers. He also spent time playing this summer in Manhattan for the Boston University Technical Institute.   Continue reading “Born To Play”

Rise and Shine?

Rise and ShineBy Hannah Rizzi

Students tend to sleep in class, complain about being tired and barely make it through the school day. You may be wondering, “why is this?” This is because kids, not just in Ohio, but across the United States are waking up too early in the morning to attend school. Brandon Scott, Whetstone freshman states, “I wake up around 5 am, get ready, and then go to my bus stop. My bus normally gets to the stop at 6:35 a.m.. Since I have to wake up early, I tend to fall asleep occasionally in class.” It is a proven fact that the brain isn’t fully awake and able to start developing for the day until 10 a.m.. Sleep is a biological need that enhances mood, creativity, and your ability to problem solve. Continue reading “Rise and Shine?”