Obama’s Gun Control Proposal

By Arielle Swinehart

“Every single year, more than 30,000 Americans have their lives cut short by guns,” Obama said at a recent press conference.  President Obama and the White House have introduced a proposal to decrease gun violence. A few factors of this proposal are to expand background checks for gun buyers and force individuals selling firearms to register as licensed gun dealers.

Many people argue that an increase in background checks and other regulations on guns won’t stop mass shootings. Obama responded to these comments by saying, “We know we can’t stop every act of violence, every act of evil in the world, but maybe we could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence.”

“I think that Obama’s gun control law makes sense,” Whetstone teacher, Mr. Dobelle said.

If it makes sense, then why hasn’t the idea of expanding background checks passed in the past? The reality is that our congress is very republican. Republicans control the House. It is extremely difficult to pass gun control laws with Republicans controlling the house.

“In order for Obama’s gun proposition to work, congress would need to become more democratic and gun lobbyists would need to stop influencing congress,” Whetstone student Ava McCargish said.

In the final part of his speech, Obama said, “All of us need to demand a congress brave enough to stand up to the gun lobby’s lies. All of us need to stand up and protect its citizens. All of us need to demand governors and legislatures and businesses do their part to make our community safer.”

So stand up and do your part to make this community safer.

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