By Arielle Swinehart



As of December 9, 2015, the popular app AfterSchool was on more than 22,300 high school campuses. While the app was designed for teenagers and students, many teachers and administrators know about the app, some even have it.

AfterSchool is an app that gives students the right to express themselves and their feelings anonymously. The app uses Facebook and your location to determine what school you go to. Each school has its own page. When you sign up, you get put with your school where you can only see posts from people attending that school.

All posts are anonymous, which brings up many questions like is it safe, is it smart or is it just another way to cyberbully others?

When the app first began catching popularity, many students thought it was funny and liked the drama of people talking about one another, but many students have lost interest in the app. “When I first got on the app I thought it was really cool to see what everybody was saying about people, but then people started saying really mean stuff and I started thinking people would get their feelings hurt,” said an anonymous Whetstone student.

The app turned to mostly negative and many deleted it. Both students and faculty deleted the app because it became boring with the lack of talk about themselves, and the app became a bullying mechanism used to target specific students.

“I’m not a fan of the app. I think it is scandalous and will only cause problems,” an anonymous Whetstone teacher, who had the app for several days, said.

A few days ago the AfterSchool app was all the school could talk about, but as time progressed, the talk of the app began to die down, and now there are almost no remnants of the app here at Whetstone.

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