Whetstone Band’s Trip to Disney World

By Colin Pruitt

This winter break, our Whetstone marching band will be taking a trip to Disney world for a reward of their season. On December 27th, the band will be taking a bus down 19 hours to Disney world and they’re very excited to say the least.

“We are all very excited, and looking forward to the nice weather during winter break while we will be in Florida,” sophomore band member and trombone master Davis Kleen said. “Spending New Year’s Eve in the parks will be one of the best parts,” he added.

The band will also be participating in the Disney World Parade. “Our band can’t wait to play in the parade,” band director Josh Reynolds said.

Overall the trip cost about $500 for each band member to go. “It’s [lots of] money but I think it’ll be worth it; we’re going to have a lot of fun,” senior bass drum player Luke Green-Lauber said. The $500 includes meals, park passes, and hotel rooms for all the students.

The band is going for 5 days and will stay until January 2nd. During those 5 days they will mainly be just enjoying their time in the parks and their hotel rooms. “I’m super excited to enjoy my winter break having fun with my friend[s] in Disney World. It’s going to be a blast,” Davis Kleen said.
With the trip being just over two weeks away, the band can barely contain its excitement. Gabe Engle said: “I’ve been looking forward to this trip since last year! Hard to believe it’s finally right around the corner.”

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