By Eboni Bays-Holley

Kimmie Yon is a senior who attends Whetstone High School.  Last year she lost all of her vision. It definitely changed her life. “I had to learn everything all over again,” Kimmie said. “I wasn’t able to graduate on time.”

She has to spend an extra year in high school to learn how to cook and clean. She has to learn how to live independently.

Losing her vision has effected Kimmie in many ways. Her balance is off, she can’t get around on her own, and she isn’t as independent as she used to be.

Kimmie has made a lot of friends during the short time that she has gone to Whetstone. “She’s very smart,” Yaqi Shoemaker said. “Very friendly.”

“She’s always willing to share,” Ben Smith said. “I consider her to be a really good friend of mine.”

Just like any normal teenager, Kimmie does not like waking up early for school. One thing that she does enjoy doing is sculpting play-dough.

Even though she can’t see what’s going on, Kimmie still enjoys watching TV. The loss of her vision has not diminished her imagination in any way.

Kimmie believes that she will get her vision back one day. But even so, she has found ways to cope with what has happened to her.

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