PTAMembersBy Julia Galdamez

Policies are changing for students and staff in the Columbus City School district this year and not too many people are happy about it. Policy #2340 – FIELD AND OTHER DISTRICT-SPONSORED TRIPS was a changed policy and some parents had something to say about it. They joined forces and took matters into their own hands.

Mary Pajor, a strong supporter of Columbus City Schools and mother of senior Alice Pajor, had much to say about this policy change. Mary Pajor has had a very active role in Columbus City Schools for as long as her kids have been attending Whetstone. She started being an important role when oldest son and Whetstone graduate, Pete Pajor, 22, was a freshman in high school. Which was about 9 years ago!

Mary Pajor was so displeased with the policy change that she wrote a very convincing email to the superintendent, the executive director of the board and the board members. She explained her displeasure and the “poor communication and execution” of the policy. Pajor immediately demanded the policy to be addressed and rectified.

Field trip events were cancelled Friday, November 6th. Teachers were not notified of the trip cancellation until “five minutes before we were supposed to board the buses,” said Josh Reynolds.

November 6th, 2015 was the first day in 15 years that the Whetstone Marching Band did not march in the Veterans Day Parade. About “70 of 95 students left the school after they received the news that they were not allowed to go to the parade this year”, said Reynolds.

Band director Josh Reynolds had to relay the message as all 95 student were dressed, ready, and looking him in the eyes, that they would not be attending the Veterans Day Parade. “It was probably one of the worst parts of teaching…to feel like I let kids down,” Reynolds says. The band is taking a trip down to Florida this December 2 days after Christmas and was worried about being pre-approved by the board due to it being out-of-state.

Mary Pajor ended her letter with a very striking line, “Remember whom you are here to serve. Students. Does this policy strengthen that service?” Which might have been a reason why the policy was discussed and changed. Thanks to the strong voice from Whetstone parents, as of November 11th it was approved and the Marching Band is ready to go to Disney and march in the parade, meet princesses and be at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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