By Arielle Swinehart

There have been many concerns brought up by Whetstone students. A class wrote letters to Whetstone’s Principal, Mrs. Routzong, regarding issues with the bathrooms, the courtyard and administration as a whole. Mrs. Routzong finds these letters “very good” with “a lot of great suggestions and ideas”. The suggestions are not all realistic, but they are passionate and showed how much the students cares about both Whetstone and Whetstone students.


“That’s why I decided that I was going to form a Principal’s Advisory council,” Mrs. Routzong said. The council is for any student that would like to address their issues regarding the school and give suggestions on how to fix these issues. There are currently about twenty students participating in the Advisory Council. The Council meets fifth period once, sometimes twice, a month. The first ever meeting was November 12. In this meeting there were two major issues, chosen by the participating members, discussed – the bathrooms and the courtyard.


There are multiple suggestions for ways to solve the issues within the bathrooms. One suggestion is to paint a mural in the South bathrooms. Several students have volunteered to participate in the painting of the mural. Other suggestions regard the plumbing and such, which are issues that depend on the district rather than the students and administration at Whetstone.


One problem was the issue of the courtyard. As of right now, the courtyard is only for seniors because of behavioral issues. The Council came to a decision on what to do about the courtyard and who is allowed in the courtyard. The decision was run by the administrative team and will be announced in class meetings after Thanksgiving break.


“I don’t know those things (bathroom issues) unless people tell me, so that’s why the Advisory Council is important.” The Advisory Council is designed to help Mrs. Routzong and the rest of the administration hear the concerns of the students and help fix some of these issues to make Whetstone a safer and more pleasant place.

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