SneiorStressOutGLBy Luke Green-Lauber

Seniors at Whetstone High School have been very busy lately. They have had to keep up with school studies and college application deadlines and some students even have to juggle with a job or an extracurricular activity as well.

In the Unites States, the average senior high school student applies to at least three colleges during their senior year. Also, 42% of seniors are involved in activities or jobs outside of school.

The great guidance counseling  staff are doing everything they possibly can to relieve stress  on the seniors by having a couple college application periods where the seniors can get out of a class period to work on their applications. The class of 2016 at Whetstone High School is very diverse with their college applications and extracurriculars, so there are a lot of mixed reviews on how stressed and overwhelmed they are.

Nick Hall is applying to four or five colleges and plays cross country and baseball. “It’s hard to keep track of what’s due with applications and school work and stuff. College application days have been very helpful but I think they should have them more frequently because a lot of the applications are due at the start of November or December and we’ve only had one so far in the middle of October.”

Akeem Adesiji is applying to four colleges, plays four sports, National Honor Society, works for Columbus Parks and Recreation, volunteers at Third Hand, and is planning his own Columbus festival. “I don’t really mind having a busy schedule, and I’m looking forward to college so I don’t mind writing a few essays. I’m actually working on one right now!”

Ila Boley is applying to five colleges. She plays three sports, National Honor Society inductee, 2016 class president and worker at the Beechwood Hardware Store. “I think it’s really hard to balance everything on top of applying to colleges. We should have a couple more opportunities to fill out applications at school before the application deadlines; I think that would have definitely helped a lot.”

Julia Galdamez is applying to one college. She is a member of Whetstone’s art club and marching band and works thirty hours a week at City Barbeque. “The application process hasn’t been too stressful for me, but I could see how it could be very stressful for other seniors. I mean, balancing work five days a week and school work is hard because when I am home all I want to do is sleep because I’m so tired from work. I don’t think I would be able to keep myself awake to do college applications.”

As you can tell, these four student have completely different senior years and completely different stress levels because of varying numbers of colleges they are applying to, and what extracurriculars they are in.
Trying to maintain a high GPA while applying to colleges and still having to worry about the dramas of high school and sports is asking a lot of anyone. I believe the administration and guidance staff are doing an excellent job with key school deadlines and keeping seniors on track to graduate, but we should have a little more emphasis on making the next step of our lives. We could have a full day before most college deadlines in November and December where each and every senior gets to plan out what they want to do with their lives after high school, it would make huge progress in making their ideas become a reality.

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