Practice Emergency Evacuation

By Eboni Bays-Holley

A few weeks ago, Whetstone High School had a practice emergency evacuation. It started near the beginning of second period and ended at the beginning of third period. The point of the evacuation was to make sure that the students knew exactly where to go if something ever happened.

The students did not all go at once. The first floor went and then the second floor followed.  The administrators were outside to make sure that the students made it to the destination safely. “It should always be practiced,” Jazmine Mayo said.  A few students agreed with her.

“In the event that something happens,” Jazmine said, “we need to know what to do.”

Many students took the evacuation seriously, although some students saw it as an opportunity to play around. But not Jazmine.

She believes that Whetstone should always have practice evacuations. “If there was a gas leak in the school, then we shouldn’t be in close proximity of the school,” Jazmine said.

During the evacuation, some students wanted to drive their cars to the evacuation spot. The question of whether or not cars should be driven during the evacuation was posed to Jazmine. “No,” Jazmine said. “People who can drive would scatter to their cars.”

During the walk, the students had to go over a bridge. A few students were really afraid. They were terrified that they were going to fall. But Jazmine was “perfectly fine”.

The emergency evacuation should be practiced regularly. Anything could happen at any time and the students at Whetstone need to be prepared for that. Most of the students believe that the practice doesn’t need any improvement. The walk might be long, but think about it this way: the further you go, the safer you’ll be.

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