Hype Video Is Doing Its Job

By Luke Green-Lauber

On Wednesday, October 28th, your own Braves Messenger will be releasing a school sports hype video for the big Olentangy River Rivalry football game Friday, October 30 against Centennial. The video will show the history of the rivalry and all of the other sports and their rivalry with Centennial. “Luke and I came up with this genius idea to try to create a hype video that will bring in more fans to the game and show more history and respect to the river rivalry,”  junior football player and Braves Messenger student Jack Staggs said.


To show that the hype video was the real deal, there was an official preview that was posted October 16th, and there was a lot of great feedback from the student body. “The hype video is what makes Whetstone better than any other city school. We have a lot of school spirit for doing this crazy good video,” junior athlete Edson Ramirez said.


“When I saw the hype video, it made me want the game to be right then and there,” sophomore student section enthusiast Colin Pruitt said.


The Centennial games always means a lot to the students at Whetstone High School, and when you add factors that make the games bigger, like hype videos, senior nights, trophy and bragging rights, it brings way more to the game. “It’s great to have the student body behind you when you’re playing your rival, and a great feeling when you feel like you’re not just playing for your team and yourself but for your entire school. And then creating a hype video and seeing me and my team’s highlights on the TVs at school gives even more incentive to win,” junior football, basketball, and baseball player Michael Ray said.


To see the video, visit our website at www.bravesmessenger.com, find it on our twitter account @Bravesmessenger, or search “Whetstone Hype Video” on YouTube.

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