School Spirit On Another Level

By Luke Green-Lauber

student section

“Whetstone High School students have been very lively at the sporting events this fall, and have a lot of games and seasons still to come this year.I think that even though it’s not as large as some suburban schools, we still have a lot more school spirit than you would expect,” Junior Hunter Scavenger said. The “Tribe” student section has attended many events so far this year, including football games, soccer games, and volleyball games.

“The Tribe is alive and better than ever this year, and going to double the events we did last year,” junior student section leader Stan Russ said.

All the players are ecstatic at their fellow students’ support. “Our Student Section is the real deal. The homies are lit for four quarters, so I love home games,” Whetstone Quarterback Jack Staggs said. “The Student Section made the Centennial game the biggest game I’ve ever played in,” soccer player Edson Ramirez said. “I could hear Luke and all of the Tribe from the other side of Crew Stadium.

Whetstone staff and students have had so much spirit that Mrs. Routzong had a great idea to get a spirit rock at Whetstone. The students are very excited for “The Stone,” she says.

Sophomore Colin Pruitt said: “I think that it’s a great way to show school spirit, and we needed one.”

“It’s gonna be awesome, I can’t wait to see it. It should have Luke Green-Lauber’s face on it,” Akeem Adesiji said.

Big things are happening at Whetstone. To stay in the loop, follow the Whetstone Student Section on Twitter @WhetstoneSS and on Instagram @SStribe_

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